Hey followers! Check out our latest Creator’s Corner with the lovely Noelle and Lauren of Ziggy’s Piggies!

First and foremost, could you tell me who you are, where you’re from and a little bit about yourself and your store?

We first met 10 years ago at our high school’s band camp where best friend-hood was destined to happen. Bonding over a mutual love of Orlando Bloom (during the Legolas era), Noelle & Lauren soon found that they had many geeky interests in common. After graduating and staying close during their first 2 years of college, Noelle found herself joining Lauren where she was going to school. In their senior year they finally go to live out a dream and dorm together, an experience comparable to that of Community’s best friends Abed & Troy.

Forever a student, Noelle is breaking her way into the medical field, slowly but surely. She is a true child at heart, bibliophile, fantasy lover and science geek. If she wasn’t pursuing a life of science, Noelle would most likely be living the life of an artist.  She truly believes that these creations are tiny wearable works of art.

Padawan to Noelle’s apprenticeship, Lauren joined Ziggy’s Piggies because she too has a passion for creating quirky homemade accessories. Lauren always found that she wanted to take the stories that she loves with her everywhere she goes. Currently, Lauren is working towards a PhD in counseling psychology and working as a therapist on the side, but when she isn’t immersed in the mental health field, she’s always looking for new creative ventures to become obsessed with!

How long have you been making geeky stuff and what made you want to start?

The summer of 2012 will forever be known as the summer of “I can do that”. It all started with a embroidered hoop that Noelle bought Lauren for her birthday; Lauren said, “I can do that”, and taught herself how to stitch. Feeling left out and in want of a new hobby, Noelle said, “I can do that, too”, but taking it one step further, she started hand stitching hair clips. The very first clip made was The Little Mermaid’s Ariel, after Lauren had requested that Noelle make her a mermaid. After braving the after effects of Hurricane Sandy, Lauren, Noelle, and Lauren M. (a co-researcher of the Ziggy’s Piggies team) went up to Boston to present their research study. While out exploring the city, a little girl approached Lauren in awe of her Ariel hair clip. After that, both Laurens were convinced that Noelle should open up an online store, a few weeks later Lauren was on board, and Ziggy’s Piggies was born.

Where do your ideas come from?

We take inspiration from all of our favorite TV shows, movies, and books that we have fallen in love with over the years. Although we take custom orders, most of our ideas start out by thinking about what we would personally want to wear.

Do you use your own products?

All the time! We love wearing and supporting our favorite fandoms!

What are some of your favourite or most popular items?

Our most popular items are the One Ring headband from the Lord of the Rings and the Pokemon inspired Pikachu bow.

Noelle’s favorite items are her sparkly Doctor Who TARDIS bow, and the Ariel/Ursula hairclip combination. Lauren’s favorite items are Princess Jasmine from the film Aladdin, and the one that started it all, Ariel.

Where do you hope to take your store in the future? 

The Ziggy’s Piggies team are having a blast as Etsy sellers, and are hoping to become more prominent online. In the future, they hope to venture into the world of craft fairs and street markets. Ziggy’s Piggies was created with the intention to stay a small business, since both Lauren and Noelle are not looking to make careers out of being full-time artists. To the Ziggy’s Piggies team, crafting is a fun hobby and a great artistic outlet.

A huge thank you to Noelle and Lauren for the interview!
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