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And last but not least… Who's ready for another giveaway?!
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  • We’re now reviewing merch! Our first review will be posted in a few days, so keep your eyes peeled. If you’re a seller and would like us to review your merch, click here.

  • Sellers! Want some more exposure for your shop? We’re about to launch a page for exclusive Geeky Merch coupon codes, so if you’d like your shop to be featured drop us an email at geekymerch@gmail.com and we’ll give you some more details.
  • And last but not least… Who's ready for another giveaway?!

Hey followers! Check out our latest Creator’s Corner with the lovely Krissy of Black Out Art!

First and foremost, could you tell me who you are, where you’re from and a little bit about yourself and your store? 

Hello, friends! I’m Krissy, and I’m a illustrator, graphic designer and tea-blender who runs Black Out Art. I’m based in the South Shore of MA and I have been drawing since I was a kid. I started taking it seriously when some of my teachers in middle school really liked my work and pushed me to explore more techniques and art mediums. I took honor art classes in high school and ended up getting a Studio Art minor in college. I’ve done everything from silk screening and printmaking to drawing and painting. I’m always looking for new media and mediums to play with and I love accepting a challenge.

My love for fan art has really helped me contribute to fandom. I started making Harry Potter fan art 8 years ago, and I think that has triggered a lot of imagination and inspiration for the pieces I currently make. I’ve created art and donated it to raise money to help causes (like Help Haiti, or the tsunami in Japan). I also occasionally take commissions.

I am constantly making new illustrations and art so I can turn them into merch like prints, buttons, notebooks, magnets and more! I originally launched Black Out Art almost four years ago as a way to brand myself as an artist and to display my work via portfolio. This small business kind happened within the last year and a half, and I haven’t looked back since. My journey of learning how to be my own business-owner has let me sell at craft faires and my very first Artist Alley. 

And lastly, as I became a tea-blender on Adagio Teas almost a year ago, thanks to a couple of friends. I have had the opportunity to celebrate fandom by making custom tea blends and also the label art to go with each one. I currently have over 50+ blends available, and it has been awesome to meet new friends and fans in this community!

How long have you been making stuff and what made you want to start?

So, I’ve technically made stuff since middle school. But I haven’t really considered making things and giving them to other people or displaying my work in galleries until high school. So just when I started making the fan art. Me making geeky stuff into merch…I started that in 2012, but it got wicked popular in 2013. So I’ve been pretty busy with that. 

I first started out with an Etsy shop (since it was something I thought about opening a couple of years back but I never had the guts to do it). Finally, when I heard there was going to be a craft faire at the Harry Potter con Ascendio, I decided that I would get a table and sell my stuff. I knew I had the talent to draw, and I have always been a person to figure out how to make my own things if I wanted to save money. My experiences from silk-screening and printmaking showed me how to get creative with every day items that are available, so I got to work making stickers, bookmarks, magnets and notebooks. It’s all about doing your research and knowing what you can do. 

For my first craft faire at Ascendio, I did decently well. And getting my stuff up on Etsy was definitely cool…a lot of my friends have supported me over the years and my products were pretty well received. And thus, I decided that this could definitely turn into something! When it comes to the tea…Adagio pretty much rebooted my love for loose-leaf tea. I’ve always liked tea but having the ability to make blends that taste good to me and are geeky was unique…so yeah.

Where do your ideas come from?

Fandom for the most part! Ideas flow from what I like and also what I haven’t seen much of. For illustrations and prints, I might be going through random photos for references and something might spark from there. Fandom friends are a great influence. But I also do my research. I like to see what people have been making and what people haven’t thought of yet. And if I just see something that would be cool for a piece of art, I let myself think it through before getting to work! It goes this way with original creations too.

Especially for the teas, I am constantly seeing what’s out there, and I’m always looking at fandom in a new perspective to make things that people will like. I always tell me myself that there might be Doctor Who teas, or Sherlock art…but what makes MY stuff cool and different? What would make people want to buy my stuff? Using that logic gets a lot new projects going.

Do you use your own products?

Well, I’d say yes. Some of my buttons are actually decorating my cubicle at my day job. My magnets are on my fridge and some of my art is hanging near my studio space. For the most part, I actually enjoy giving some of merch as gifts to friends, and occasionally I host giveaways for my fans. So some love to me and others. 

Have you ever seen something you’ve made out in the real world?

Yep! For my senior year in high school, I was able to use my last semester to do a senior project and make a HUGGGE mural for the local middle school. It took a lot paperwork and back and forth, but I took 6-8 hours every day working in this thing in the art classroom. This was on large wooden panels and put together it was like 12’ x 8’. It was a lot of work. But now it’s being proudly displayed at the school. So that’s something. I’ve also had some work displayed for a few galleries, and have had some of my graphic designs turned into merch at events (cons and Muggle Quidditch tournaments). :)

Do you find selling products that you know others enjoy satisfying?

YES! I love it, because I like talking to my customers, and knowing that we have common interests is cool. But knowing they like my products lets me know I should keep doing what I’m doing. When I sell samples of my teas, it’s really interesting to have conversations with folks because they’re interested in the whole process and the ingredients. And I get to hear some cool stories from them. 

What do you think about the online community? 

It has been wicked helpful in regards to promotion. Social media, and word-of-mouth through family and friends have gotten me to where I am today. A lot of my sales come through Etsy, so being able to understand the online community and the tools available it vital. Most of my fandom friends an experts I talk to via the interwebs, so they’ve been wicked helpful that way!

What are some of your favourite or most popular items?

I think right now, my buttons are wicked popular. Sometimes they sell out fast online and at events! I have buttons for a lot of fandoms, and I’m probably going to be making a lot more this year! A lot of people seem to also like my name tag stickers, Hogwarts houses bookmarks and postcards

Where do you hope to take your store in the future?

Gosh, I have no idea. I’m already planning out my 2014 schedule to see if I can balance my time between day-job and going to cons. If I can swing it, I’d like to go to 3-5 cons to sell in the Artist Alley. I think I can do pretty well selling my stuff in person and getting my name out to more people. We’ll see how things go!

A huge thank you to Krissy for the interview!
Be sure to check our her merch at the following links:
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Today Doctor Who celebrates its 50th anniversary, so we’ve got twelve awesome items for you - one per Doctor. Enjoy!

(one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve)
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We hope you all enjoyed our first Creators’ Corner with Ella Cronin of The Bambee Store, for our next instalment we have Pete Betcher, a member of a group called The Back Pack!

The name is Pete Betcher, and I tend to dabble in all sorts of things, from still image design to live action theatre to film to silk screening. I currently live in Austin, TX but was born and raised in small town Montana. I like road bikes, puppies, and peanut butter. I’m also the Creative Director of an independent theater group/art collective called The Back Pack (seen above), which is the second side of the etsy shop coin.

The Back Pack is four members strong, and we use our Etsy crafts to fund other artistic projects. We all help with assembly, shipping, design, etc. in our free time so we can fund our original shows that we work on together.

The four of us all grew up in Montana, and then went to school at the same fine arts department in Missoula Montana. This is where we started working together, doing short original plays that combined movement, music, dance, and theatre. We have performed in several cities across the US including Portland Oregon, Missoula Montana, and Austin Texas, and we were selected to represent Frontera Fest in Austin this last February as the Best of the Best, which is the highest honor awarded by the annual festival. 

How long have you been making Geeky stuff and what made you want to start?

I actually started years ago in college hand etching drinking glasses that I sold on etsy. I had friends who would harass me about it, saying most college kids donate plasma for a few extra bucks, but I’m in my kitchen exact-o-knifing designs into thin rubber sheets. Those other kids clearly didn’t have a crippling fear of needles. 

Where do your ideas come from?

From two places, necessity, and a fire burning deep within my nerdy core. I love to make things that I need or see others need (whether it something small like a desk phone holder/cable organizer, or an above ground garden for the backyard) . The nerdy items are simply things that I would want. I used to peruse the internet looking for unique geeky things to send friends or adorn my game room with, and eventually I just started to make them. 

Do you use your own products?

Absolutely. We have two of our lights hanging in the house, and I use a couple small organizers on my desk at home and at work. My favorite personal item is the Mario side profile night light in our bathroom. He’s pretty handy to have around, which is natural for a plumber in the bathroom I suppose. The largest use though, is unique gifts to send unsuspecting friends and family members. I’m sure at this point my mom is sick of getting birthday presents from me. 

Have you ever seen something you’ve made/designed out in the real world?

Actually no, except for a few that I already knew were there (friends, family, and the like). We don’t sell at any local shops yet, which would obviously help.

I have, however, had a few people send me links to my own designs. That’s pretty fun.

Do you find selling products that you know others enjoy satisfying?

Words honestly can’t describe the feeling. Obviously any time you are selling something there are headaches, but whenever a customer sends a message thanking you, or tweets a picture of something you designed it makes it all worth it.

This last holiday season we had someone order a lamp as a gift for his daughter and then message us later that day asking for a refund because he had just unexpectedly lost his job. He was very polite and apologetic, and we gave him a full refund without any questions asked.

A few days later we sent him a prototype of an upgraded version of the lamp without telling him it was coming. He sent us the most heart felt letter ever about a week later. It’s days like that.

What do you think about the online Geek community?

They are the best! Geeks know how to do it right. Maybe it comes from having to play nice with people they don’t know online, or even just following the news in such a tight knit community, but nerds are some of the most honest and intelligent people on the planet.

What are some of your favourite or most popular items?

Items come and go in popularity a bit, but our most consistently popular items are the triforce lamps. The symbol is just so iconic and simple. We’ve even had a few copycat items listed on etsy, which I suppose means we’re doing something right.

Where do you hope to take your store in the future?

We want a space to be able to create everything and anything that pops into our head.

Right now we work out of our house, but are looking to find a warehouse to expand into here in Austin. Sort of a workshop by day, rehearsal space by night deal.

I would love for it to be a hub of art and entertainment for the area, with something always going on there. Free yoga, tap dance classes, album release party, Harry Potter read-a-longs, local artists gallery, you name it. All of this on top of where we do our work of course. 

You can find The Back Pack:

Online: www.thebkpk.com
Twitter: @theBackPackCrew
Facebook page: The Back Pack
Instagram: thebkpk

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