Guillermo Del Toro Cabinet Of Curiosities

Along with a signed and numbered book covering all his movie projects and including pages from his famed illustrated notebooks, this limited edition “cabinet” includes -

  • Four art prints of previously unseen del Toro sketches
  • Four cards reproducing pages from Pan’s Labyrinth’s The Book of Crossroads
  • A replica Chronos scarab and page from the device instruction manual
  • Replica Hellboy rosary and amulet

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Loki’s Scepter and Headpiece from The Potions Mistress.


Fallout Emergency Kit by getreadytofallout

This is a prop replica I made from the Game of Thrones. It’s one of several other prop replica pieces from the show.

This one is of Stannis Baratheon’s declaration which viewers of the show and readers of A Song of Ice and Fire should be familiar with.

It is the only piece I have and is available on etsy.

Cheers! Keep up the great work!