#doctor who

These mini Doctor Who snow globes can be found at TARDIS Treasures.

To celebrate the new series of Dr Who staring this coming Saturday Aplentee.com are running a Whovian Grab Bag t-shirt sale until September 3rd. Grab bag tees are just £8/€10/$12, with reduced price US and Canada shipping. As always, you can get £1/€1/$1 off your order if you use the code GMERCH99 during checkout.

Who’d like to win a Geeky Merch Box?

Who out of there would like the chance to win a bunch of random geeky goods from a bunch of different fandoms?

Including items from:

  • inFamous
  • Minecraft
  • Transformers
  • The Last of Us
  • Doctor Who
  • Attack on Titan

Who’d like to win something like that?

My new version of River Song’s journal
It is available here on etsy for just 25 € :)

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