Treat Yo’ Self to this Hobbit Hole Chicken Coop by OnePoundChallenge for £799

Hi I’m Aguabend and I have a bow shop on storenvy. I sell several types of hair bows and bow ties for all your fashionable geeky needs! This Star Wars bow glows in the dark and is available in bow ties. A Marvel heroes pattern is also available. My store is still pretty new, so requests for bows or bow ties you desire are totally welcomed.

Godzilla world tour necklace by Chimeric Garnish on Etsy.

The Loot Crate theme for September is GALACTIC! 

For September, Loot Crate have put together an awesome collection of Galactic themed goodies. September’s crate brings 3 licensed exclusive collectibles (one is a Funko Mystery Mini!) and includes items from Firefly, Star Wars, & Star Trek with plenty of other surprises in store!

If you’ve missed the memo and have no idea what Loot Crate is, it’s a box filled to the brim with geeky goodies delivered right to your doorstep! Each month, subscribers to the service receive a mystery box filled with things like t-shirts, action figures, books, comics and other awesome bits of memorabilia all carefully curated around a certain theme. 

Each box costs under $20 when shipping to the USA and around £18 when shipped to the UK and the value of the items exceeds $40 every time. They also ship to Canada, Australia, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany & Norway!

We’ve also got our own discount code for you guys to use! Enter geekymerch into the coupon code box to get 10% off your crate!

Signups close on the 19th of September unless they run out of crates beforehand, so don’t delay - sign up now!