Join Link on a journey to claim the land of Hyrule and beyond with the Legend Of Zelda Collector’s Edition of MONOPOLY.

Available for pre-order at Forbidden Planet!

Pokeball Roll Up Scarf by Texas Roll Mafia

The Pokeball Roll Up Scarf is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. When the weather turns frosty simply unroll it and wear it around town, but when the summer months come just roll it up and store it on a shelf to show your fandom pride! Available on Etsy.

These awesome Portal bookends can be found here!

At Aperture Science, there’s a good amount of joking amongst test subjects and occasionally, if you’re lucky, you can joke around Cave Johnson himself. Just do not, under any circumstances, bring his mother into the mix. Got it? No “your mom” jokes. No “Yo Mama” jokes. Not even a “That’s what she said.” Cave’s very sensitive about those.

The penalty for joking about Cave’s mom? No cookies. That’s right, you’ll find your Aperture Science Holiday Gift Package is missing the sandwich baggie of Mrs. Johnson’s Made From Scratch Science Cookies. Then you’ll have to watch everyone else enjoying delicious frosted sugar cookies in the shapes of familiar faces around Aperture Labs.

With these awesome homewares from Forbidden Planet you can have your Portal cookies and eat them.

  • This Set of 8 Portal cookie cutters can be found here.
  • The ceramic Companion Cube cookie jar is available here.