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Retro Gamer Soap and Merchandise!

Are you a retro gamer? Miss the days of taking out your game cartridge and blowing in it to get it to work? Then check out these hand-crafted artistan soaps with custom vintage labeling! In the spirit of 80’s game consoling, these soaps celebrate with a retro style that will make you want to pull out those old systems and dive into the 8-bit world. Also available in poster prints, coasters, headphones, and laptop cases!

On sale until Sunday, August 31st, these soaps are going fast!

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Pokemon Badge Collection by Azafran 

$12 this week only at Once Upon a Tee available as a T-Shirt, Hoodie, Phone Case, Mouse Pad, and Poster.

Retro gaming meets futuristic anime with this Faux-Nintendo design “Attakanoid” in which classic game Arkanoid gets a big serving of Attack on Titan fun.

Available until August 31st in a range of products including Soap in the exact form of an original NES Cartridge, posters, coasters, cases, and headphones!

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