These MicroFossil designs are based on the sketches and drawings of 19th century naturalist Ernst Haeckel. He diagrammed a multitude of natural and microscopic life forms. His work is still studied today and is an ever present reminder of the wonderful, strange and haunting beauty of the world around us. This MicroFossil is based one of Haeckel’s original illustrations of a microscopic ocean life form he called radiolaria. 

You can find these (and more!) at TheLabPartners on Etsy.

Fire & Bone’s incredible miniature animal skulls come from real, full-size skulls that have been 3D scanned at high resolution, miniaturized digitally, 3D printed in wax, and cast in metal. They are so authentic and natural looking, and you can’t find anything else like them! If you don’t want to wear the skull, you can place it for display on the awesome custom display base.

Plus, for the true Geeky Merch fan, there’s a Dire Wolf skull and the company’s first dinosaur skull!

Check it out here!

Anatomical cardigan/collar pins from Your Organ Grinder on Etsy!

Anatomical Heart Vase featuring an incredibly detailed resin-cast design. This 3-D sculptural piece is over 10” tall and has been hand-painted with a pewter finish and then is washed in a patina style to show all of the details! Buy yours here!

Alchemy of Tea RED - Closer View2


Our Latest Project, Alchemy of Tea, is available on Kickstarter Now! Alchemy of Tea is the First Poster that Depicts Famously Known Tea Recipes Around the World. For more details, click HERE!

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Amazingly detailed anatomical heart necklace designed by lost apostle, at shanalogic.com!

Coasters for the Fancy Cannibal from a series of Hannibal-inspired desk accessories by Shinies&Sarcasm

To simulate Schrödinger’s iconic cat, I hand-stitched a set of stuffed toy cats, with half of the cats given “alive” faces while the other half were portrayed as “dead.” I also painted and decorated 8 identical boxes, then signed and numbered them on the bottom. I then mixed up the numbered boxes, and tasked my minions with distributing the cats among the boxes while I was out of the room. The boxes were then “sealed” with shiny, candy-apple-red ribbons that beg to be untied. (The ribbons have been knotted and stitched at the bow, to prevent accidental unsealing.) Because of this process, no-one knows exactly which cat is in which box; you are guaranteed to receive one cat from this set, but there is no way of knowing which is which. You may apply your preferred theory of quantum physics to your cat’s state… until the shiny, tempting box is opened and its mysterious contents revealed for good or ill.

You can find these awesome Schrödinger’s cat toys here!