These hydrogen atom earrings and other items for the science, math, music or mythology geek can be found at EclecticSkeptic on Etsy.

These awesome science beaker candles can be found here!

These awesome nebula headphones can be found at The Nird on Etsy!


Solar system inspired jewelry from the Miriel Design Etsy store.

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Hey followers! Check out our latest Creator’s Corner with the lovely Cathy of EclecticDesignChoices!

Hi, I’m Cathy, proud owner and creator of EclecticDesignChoices. EclecticDesignChoices includes my two Etsy shops, EclecticSkeptic and EDCCollective, as well as my garden coaching services. I am also a math and science tutor with a BS in physics. As you can tell, I have a lot of interests and am pleased to be able to pursue many of them.

My EclecticSkeptic shop began as a place for people to find my whimsical flying pig creations. While I had a particular group of people in mind as a target market when I established this shop in August of 2009, I have found that my customers have many different reasons that they are attracted to and fond of flying pigs and I’m happy to add some fun to people’s lives for whatever reasons they have.

By April of 2010 I had fulfilled two custom requests through my EDCCollective shop that included circuit boardsThese requests, along with my interests in math and science, got my creative juices flowing to see if I could create some items for the math, science, and by extension, technology geekI thought the best place for these new items would be a geekery section in my EclecticSkeptic shop. Soon after, I was asked by a friend if I could create some custom music themed cufflinksI was already working on some flying pig cufflinks so I took this request on and it eventually resulted in my adding music themed cufflinks to EclecticSkeptic, along with other music themed items for the music geek. One more geekery category inspired me this past year and now my geekery section includes items intended for the science, technology, math, music or mythology geek.

I do use my own products. In addition to other artists’ work hanging in my home, I have a few pieces of my work on display as well. Some of my current note card offerings started out as a card I designed to give to someone that I later decided would be a great fit for one of my shops. I use my other note card designs as well. While I have a large collection of jewelry that I have accumulated over the years, I have kept some of my creations that I wear too. It is rewarding to get compliments from others on a piece that you designed and created. It is even better when you see someone else wearing a piece that you designed. I have also had the pleasure of walking into someone’s home and seeing a home décor item of mine on display. It is very gratifying to know that others use and enjoy your creations. This has been especially true of my custom work. I enjoy the challenge of custom commissions, even though I always hold my breath when a customer looks at their finished product for the first time.

In addition to selling online, I also sell in person at arts and crafts shows, pop up shops and other opportunities that present themselves. Mostly I sell in person during the latter part of the year. I do have a few of my framed and gallery wrapped canvas photographic art prints in local brick and mortar shops and have had some pieces that were included in juried shows. While I expect there will always be some overlap, I hope to have the flow of EclecticDesignChoices’ business lean more towards garden coaching in the spring and early summer with concentrated time for creating between then and the start of the fall show season. I also look for growth in my online sales year round.

People interested in staying connected with what is going on at EclecticDesignChoices can follow me on facebook, read my weekly blog post or sign up for my short, monthly newsletter.

A huge thank you to Cathy for the interview! Be sure to check out her merch at the following links:

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