Totoro’s Day Out

A fan-made artwork for My Neighbour Totoro, featuring Totoro and all his friends on a day out!

Prints & shirts available at Redbubble.

Created by David Goh

Where would you like to party? 1.5” Buttons $1.60 cdn

Frozen: The Act of True Love

A fan-created poster for the animated film Frozen.

Prints available at Redbubble. (Copy & logotypes removed)

Created by David Goh

You’re good, but I’m Crowley - 2.25” Button $3.50
Via Bayleaf Buttons on Etsy

Harness the power of Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjölnir!
This unique pendant is made layer by layer in a 3D printer out of solid steel, but you don’t need to be as strong as Thor to wear it around your neck! Available at NiqueGeek on Etsy 

Never be without your faithful Companion Cube!
This unique die is made layer by layer in a 3D printer then fired in a kiln to turn it into solid steel, but you never have to incinerate it! Available on Etsy